What will I learn?

As well as completing the Weston House individualised Social Development, Independent Living Skills and Transition to Adulthood Programme through the evenings, our learners will also follow a college course during the day.

There is a wide range of courses on offer and these can match all ability levels from Pre-entry credit courses to Higher Education. We will find a suitable and realistic personalised Progression Route for each learner to extend and develop their learning, whatever their individual “starting point” may be.

Many learners move from the discrete Independent Living Skills provision to mainstream or supported vocational courses as their ability is revealed and nurtured in this setting. We strive to help each learner reach their full individual potential in the time they spend with us through our integrated day and evening approach.

We have five discrete courses within our Independent Living Skills department: Work Skills, Life and Living Skills, Personal Progress (Transition group), Employability Skills and Independent Living Skills.

Our learners consistently exceed their expected and predicted levels of achievement, and often their personal aspiration, in both social skills and academic performance.

They also have lots of opportunities to put the skills they learn in the classroom to good use in their daily social activities. For example, our staff support them to apply their work on Numeracy or coin recognition when going out and about shopping or paying for entry to the cinema.

Our aim is for the young adults who reside with us to “be all that they can be”. This means developing their potential through synergy with the day educational programmes and qualifications the learners study for. Therefore, there will be close dialogue and discussion on target setting between the academic staff, the Weston House Manager and the Care and Support Staff teams to ensure every learner has a fully integrated programme of day and evening support, education and social development on offer for them. This helps extend our learners’ independence and social confidence and make all learning meaningful for our learners and is designed to help augment and increase any learner’s chances of a more independent life and prepare them for future employment.

Should learners require any specialist equipment, they will receive support with it in the classroom, with additional sessions also offered to support them using specialist software or any adaptations which are required.


I was a residential student at Weston House for four years, leaving in July 2016.

I loved living there, the staff were amazing, they were very friendly and helped me do all the things I found difficult.

I always felt at home. I had many friends at Weston House and we were very happy.

I am now very independent, I work in a cafe and do performing Arts in Bridgend and this is all because of the wonderful Weston House.

We are so pleased that Michael’s at Weston House. He’s really happy and thriving – and growing in confidence.

Weston House gives him a wonderful opportunity to learn to live away from home and along with other young people.

It’s a great stepping-stone, essential for Michael’s future independence.

He enjoys excellent 24 hour care and support. Friendly and well-trained staff take great care to understand Michael’s needs and what makes him happy – so it’s a real home from home for him and he settled in easily from the very first day.

Following on from our children’s diagnosis nearly twenty years ago we quickly accepted and came to terms with our circumstances and worked tirelessly to give them every opportunity. With Fragile X syndrome all studies suggest extending and maintaining focused education was key and for that reason we chose Weston House in Bridgend for both our sons.

Since starting there we have seen huge improvements in their behaviour, communication skills, comprehension and their key life skills.

It is clear that Weston house is focusing on their needs to enable them to deal more confidently with the future and potentially independent living.

I attended a Special Needs School from age 12 until 19 and then applied to Bridgend College, Weston House immediately after leaving school.

I studied in the Pre-vocational department before advancing onto mainstream achieved an overall Distinction for my Performing Arts Level 2 course.

As a result of this I am currently doing my Level 3 in performing Arts and hopefully will become a famous film and stage actor, hopefully in Hollywood, which would be my dream.  Attending Weston House has enabled me to achieve the unthinkable.

Here we are, mother and daughter enjoying each other as individuals in our own right. Until Weston House this dynamic was very different – more carer and cared for.

We have witnessed Hannah develop her own personality that we all enjoy, and become the confident, happy, more independent young lady we always dreamed of.

As a parent this is all you can wish for your child and Weston House has allowed what was a dream to be a reality for my family.