Each learner will have their own individual bedroom which can be on the ground or first floor and there is a lift for learners to use.

Learners are encouraged to personalise their room and make it their own space during their stay with us.

Some of our bedrooms have adaptations to meet the needs of learners, including those with a physical disability.

New development – independent training flats

Two one-bedroom training flats provide excellent opportunities for learners to prepare for their transition to independent and supported living and adulthood. Our training flats offer a fully immersive real life experience for learners, emulating the expectations and reality of life beyond college. They have access to their own living, kitchen and bathroom space and are supported to acquire and develop key life skills.

Staying at Weston House

Most learners stay at Weston House term-time only for 38 weeks, Sunday to Friday.

By arriving on Sunday, we ensure that learners are ready for the college week on Monday morning and at the end of a very busy and action packed week, our learners go home to their families/guardians on a Friday afternoon to spend their weekend.

Learners and their families tell us they enjoy this arrangement as they have a balance of home and college – studying away from home during the week, yet home for the weekend to see their family, keep in touch with friends and still remain part of their local community.

This is important for when learners leave Weston House either to move into independent living, supported accommodation or return to their family home.

Whilst most learners stay with us during the week and return home at the weekend, we can offer a range of options including over 52 weeks a year and 7 days.

We have a varied evening activities programme which is individualised to extend every learner’s independence, social development and help them make the transition into adulthood. Activities include:

  • Independent living skills – food preparation for self, food and kitchen hygiene, health and safety, home management tasks
  • Daily living skills – supporting learners to take responsibility for their personal hygiene, developing routines, laundry skills, choosing the right clothes, making simple snacks
  • Personal presentation – developing their knowledge and skills in areas such as hair and beauty, shaving, “looking good”
  • Drama – including helping our learners improve their self-esteem, confidence building, speech and language development
  • Yoga – this activity is particularly helpful for those who have difficulties with managing their anxiety
  • Learner led activity nights – these help our learners to plan their leisure appropriately and include a wide variety of options such as ten pin bowling, eating out at local restaurants, community visits, cinema, and theatre clubs
  • We also offer an extensive range of sporting activities to help maintain personal fitness levels, improve social skills and independence and promote team building.
  • We offer each of our learners new and exciting experiences such as weekly swimming sessions. wall climbing, racquetball, Zumba, surfing for all and horse riding
  • We also offer weekly advocacy sessions (accredited where appropriate) in conjunction with People First

How will I be supported?

There are care staff (including a Duty Manager) here at all times,both day and night, to help and support our learners with whatever they need.

At night, one of the Duty Managers is on call and there are two Waking Night staff who are there at any time should they be needed.

The staff will help with all the things our learners need, from taking their medication and washing their hair to going out on a visit with their friends or learning their lines for a drama production.

Normally, learners will take their laundry home every Friday evening, but in unusual or emergency circumstance the laundry room can be used, should the need arise.

What will I eat?

All meals are eaten in the dining room at Weston House. Meals are prepared by qualified catering staff using a wide variety of fresh ingredients, often chosen by our own learners.

We regularly ask for learner feedback in relation to the meals they have to ensure that we are getting it right. If we are not, we will review and change the menus, as appropriate.

If a learner is on a special diet, or has cultural or religious requirements or specific likes and dislikes, we are able to discuss this prior to them taking a place at Weston House.

During the day, whilst they are learning or attending classes, they are free to use the college canteen and coffee shop for their breaks with or without support (depending on what they need).

This is encouraged as it assists the development of their independence and confidence. During their interview, we will discuss what they are interested in, what their personal interests are, what they would like to do with their life and then outline the range of course options which may be available for them at Bridgend College.