Self-harm affects around 1 in 12 young people, yet it remains an issue people struggle to handle, talk about, and understand.  Wednesday 1st March is National Self Injury Awareness Day – a day designed to educate people who do not self-injure, and reach out to people who do.  To coincide with this, our next Walk in My Shoes event titled You’re Not Alone will take place on Tuesday 28th February between 12 noon and 1pm in the Sony Theatre, Bridgend Campus. 

Heads Above The Waves is Si Martin’s baby.  HATW started as Si’s idea to share his story and experience of how music and playing the drums helped him to overcome self-harm as a teenager. Si wants to make it easier for people to talk honestly and openly about self-harm, without fear of stigma or ignorance.  But more than that, he wants to make it easier for people to talk about anything that’s bothering them, and to realise that if it’s bothering them, then it’s an important issue, and it’s worth talking about, and doing something about.  Because he’s been through it, he wants to share his experiences and let others know: you’re not alone.  Come and hear Si tell his fascinating story about how he has overcome self-harm and now helps others to build their resilience, find positive coping techniques and know where to turn for help.