Landbased Studies

If you are thinking of the next steps in your education, and are interested in land based studies then this is the place to find out more! What exactly do we mean by land based studies?

Well, if you are the type of person who enjoys working with animals, being outdoors, seeing things grow and you enjoy the natural world, then a career within the land based industries may well be for you.

There are a range of subject areas to choose from some of which are listed below

Agriculture courses will suit anyone wishing to start or build on a career in the farming industry. Agriculture is all about the techniques and science of cultivating soil, growing crops and raising livestock and can lead to a career in farming, food production and livestock breeding and management.

If you love animals and are interested in a career working with them, then Animal Management courses can lead to a broad spectrum of jobs such as roles within the veterinary industry, pet care, pet retail, zoo conservation; or very specific roles such as in animal food and nutrition, animal behaviour and welfare.

If you care for and enjoy the natural environment, you might be keen to develop the skills to work in the countryside. There are a broad spectrum of jobs available in this field including looking after our rivers, coasts, woodlands and forests, wildlife protection as well as employment in National Parks or for conservation and wildlife charities.

Equine courses will suit anyone wishing to start or build on a career in the Equine Industry. Equine jobs are varied and can include becoming a groom, a riding instructor, a stable manager, working within the breeding sector, the racing industry, or becoming a farrier or equine dentist.

These creative courses can help you develop the skills to work as a florist. You would learn plant care, flower arranging and how to design floral decorations for events. To be a good florist you would benefit from having some horticulture knowledge as well as some artistic flair.

To work in the forestry industry, you need to develop the knowledge and skills needed to work with trees and forests. This would include tree planting, tree maintenance, and tree health. Machinery skills and horticulture knowledge are also important if you are interested in a career in the forestry industry.

The horticulture industry is varied and creative and will suit people who enjoy being outdoors and working with plants. You need to develop the skills and knowledge needed to grow and care for a wide range of plants, and jobs in this area include working to maintain turf as a groundskeeper, caring for plants as a gardener, working in garden retail or garden design and landscaping.

Land based engineers work on finding solutions to engineering and machinery problems within the sectors of agriculture, horticulture, forestry and the environment. These practical courses enable the development of skills and knowledge about land based technology, and the design and maintenance of land based machinery.

Here are some learning activities designed to help you start exploring some of the topics studied in this area. Click on the appropriate level for you and download some of the tasks.

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Student in riding kit with a horse at Pencoed Campus
Student feeding a lamb at Pencoed Campus
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