Coronavirus safe working practices
Face Covering at Bridgend College

Following the Welsh Government joint ministerial statement on face coverings in schools and college on Wednesday 26 August, we are asking all students and staff to wear a face covering in communal indoor areas from Tuesday 1 September.

Bridgend College is committed to ensuring that the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff remains central to the decisions that we make. We know that wearing a face covering will not stop the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), but is one of many steps which will help to reduce the spread of the virus, particularly as we move towards the colder months.

Whilst on campus, all students will be in contact groups and will therefore not be required to wear a face covering during sessions, however, face coverings must be worn whilst moving around the campus and when groups are mixing within communal indoor areas, as it is more difficult to maintain distance with other groups and individuals.

Our travel behaviour code requires that any student in receipt of a bus pass from the college must wear a face covering for the duration of their journey. It is also law in Wales to wear a face covering when using public transport.

Please be respectful by ensuring that any design or text included on your face covering for decorative purposes is appropriate for a learning environment and does not cause offence to others within our learning community. A face covering must not be a bandana / snood (neck into lower-face) style of covering.

We expect everyone within the Bridgend College community to follow our citizenship code – to be ready, respectful and safe. We recognise that some people may be unable to wear a face covering for medical reasons or due to individual needs. We ask that you demonstrate respect to these individuals at all times.

You can read more about face coverings here. Please take time to familiarise yourself with this guide on how to safely wear and remove a face covering before attending a college campus.

Exempt from wearing a face covering?

We know that some people are not able to wear a face covering. If you are exempt, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible.

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