Pledging our commitment to help employees in their time of need

Many workers get seriously ill at some time in their lives. They may need time off, sometimes for months, to get treatment or to get well.

The Dying to Work campaign has produced a voluntary charter for individual employers to sign. It commits them to support, protect and guide staff following a terminal diagnosis.

We’re proud to announce that Bridgend College is the latest employer to sign up to the Dying to Work Charter, following other employers such as Bridgend County Borough Council, the Royal Mail and Santander.

This demonstrates our commitment to supporting staff at a time when they need it most.  The Charter gives the individual options within the workplace and sets out an agreed way in which the College will support, protect and guide employees diagnosed with a terminal illness.

The Charter is part of the TUC’s wider Dying to Work campaign and aims to give employees with terminal illnesses more choice in how to spend their final months and offers peace of mind around job security.

Simon Pirotte, Principal and CEO of Bridgend College said,

“When people are at their most vulnerable they need employers to step up, not step away.”                            

Wales TUC’s Dying to Work Lead Gareth Hathway commented,

“I’m delighted that Bridgend college and its unions have signed up to the Dying to Work Charter covering its 690 employees. Those who have experienced the terminal illness of a loved one know that the ability to make choices is imperative for self-worth and dignity in the face of the great challenges that they face.

Knowing that those choices have been respected is also a great comfort for the bereaved when the time comes”

Over a million workers are now covered by the Dying to Work charter across the UK.

Mike Donnelly, NEU Workplace representative and Bridgend College staff member said,

“We are always encouraged when employers take their duty seriously and pleased that the NEU can support such an important charter which helps staff to reduce some of the stress; giving individuals a choice and knowing that the College will support them while they make difficult decisions in the event of diagnosis of a terminal illness.”

Bridgend College is extremely proud to be part of such an important initiative.

For more information, please visit the TUC Wales website or Dying to Work’s website.