Studying at Bridgend College

Choosing what curriculum / subject area to study

Bridgend College offers a wide choice of further education (FE) subjects to study. Courses can range from Entry Level through to Level 3 Advanced Diploma.

Our courses are vocational, which means they prepare you for work in a specific job / career area and are a great way to gain confidence and develop practical skills along with learning the theory. You will be assessed in a variety of ways and this can be beneficial if you prefer continual assessment to demonstrate your skills rather than sit exams.

See our range of course areas below and click to find out more:

What are the different levels of courses?

These provide an introduction to the subject, building your confidence along the way. They include, for example, NVQ Level 1 or Introductory Certificates which are roughly equivalent to GCSEs gained at grades D to G.

You would need qualifications at this level before progressing to level 2.

Level 2 qualifications (eg NVQ level 2 and First Diploma) give a deeper understanding of a subject or area of work and are roughly equivalent to GCSEs at grades A* to C.

Many employers like young people to have a minimum Level 2 qualification.

Level 3 qualifications include A and AS Levels, NVQ Level 3, National, Advanced and Progression Diplomas.

This level is almost always required for entry to university and many employers will be looking for Level 3 in applicants for more technical or supervisory roles.