Intrapreneurship Skills Bootcamp

Fully funded via PLA, subject to eligibility*

* This course is being supported by PLA funding and is fully funded if you meet the following criteria;

  • You are over 19 years of age
  • You live in Wales
  • You earn no more than £29,534 Gross
  • You are not actively doing any other training supported by PLA (individuals can only embark on one PLA funded course at a time)

You are not currently completing a Higher Education or apprenticeship program

The Level 4 Intrapreneurship Skills Bootcamp is designed to create an environment where engineers can apply intrapreneurial techniques and develop transferable skills. Delivered via a live industry project-based model, this course provides a unique opportunity for participants to apply new product development principles, articulate a route to market, and develop commercial acumen. Working in teams, the participants will ideate solutions, develop a basic proof of concept, and design the business model to bring the new product or service to market, internally or externally as required.

They will consider the broader environmental, ethical and product lifecycle implications of their solution. They will also review the wider processes involved in the activity, such as marketing, human capital management, finance, leadership and management, and intellectual property.

In doing so participants will develop key transferable skills including creative problem solving, teamwork, resilience, ethical leadership, and strategic thinking.

  • 1. Ideation, design and creativity
  • 2. Agile and iterative development
  • 3. Customer value proposition
  • 4. Developing a proof of concept
  • 5. Competition and strategy
  • 6. Marketing and stakeholders
  • 7. Managing and leading people
  • 8. Employee relations
  • 9. Ethics, sustainability and environment
  • 10. Finance and accounting
  • 11. Intellectual property
  • 12. Industry pitching

Assessment is based around the contributions of each participant and the quality and commercial viability of the proof of concept developed. Participants will produce a business canvas to support with modelling their investment pitch and will complete a personal reflective account at the end of the course.

  • C – In-class contribution 30%
  • POC – Proof of concept 20%
  • B – Business canvas 20%
  • P – Enterprise pitch 20%
  • R – Personal reflective account 10%

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