Bridgend College
Citizenship Code

To Be All That You Can Be by being Ready, Respectful and Safe

Be Ready

• Be on time
• Take part in all timetabled and planned learning and enrichment activities
• Have the equipment and Personal Protect Equipment you need with you
• Report any absence to College by calling 01656 302 302 option 2

Be Respectful

• Respect other students, staff and visitors
• Respect your learning environments
• Respect others whatever their gender, sexuality, disability, age, religion or belief or race
• Only smoke or use vapours in designated zones

Be Safe

• Wear your lanyard and ID badge whenever you are in College
• Follow health, safety and fire instructions when using equipment and moving around the College
• Report any concerns you have about your own safety or someone else’s to a member of staff or the Wellbeing Team
• Follow the College’s ICT Network Acceptable Use policy, including online safety, use of WiFi networks and use of social media (including misrepresenting the College or bullying)

Zero Tolerance

Sometimes behaviours don’t demonstrate our Citizenship Code of being Ready, Respectful and Safe.

Examples of such behaviours and activities include:

• Criminal activities and substance misuse (theft, fraud, criminal damage, assault, possession
or supply of illicit drugs/legal highs, carrying offensive weapons)
• Extremism (either violent or non-violent), which might include terrorism or and act which
endangers others (under the Terrorism Act 2000)

Any Bridgend College student found demonstrating such unacceptable behaviour will be
sanctioned under a disciplinary process; details of this are available on the Student Portal.

Remember that you are an ambassador for the College, this includes whilst travelling to and from the campuses and when out on College trips or course activities.

Signing this Citizenship Code means that you understand and agree to demonstrate these behaviours at all times.