Bridgend College lead the way in tackling the stigma of mental health.

Bridgend College has recently been announced as the first educational establishment in Wales to receive an award as part of Mind’s Annual Workplace Wellbeing Index.  

The Bronze award was claimed at a recent event in London, in recognition for the work we have done to develop and implement initiatives to promote positive mental health for staff.  

Sam Morgan, Director of People at Bridgend College, reinforced the need for organisations to “get behind the initiative” which seeks to raise awareness of the importance of workplace wellbeing and tackle the stigma of mental health.

Sam continued by explaining how important it is to create what she calls ‘psychological safety’ in the work environment.  When asked what this looks like in practice, Sam painted a picture of an environment where;

“People are not judged, but are encouraged to be open about their health condition(s) without fear of negative consequences.  It is about seeing the person, rather than the illness and working to understand what is needed; from this we can offer individuals tailored support to meet their individual needs. It is also about taking time to think about the environment we create as leaders and whether that environment supports wellbeing or impedes it.”

Commenting on the accolade received, Simon Pirotte, our Chief Executive and Principal, relayed the importance of Senior Leaders in organisations actively sponsoring work in this field and the need for all leaders to build an open and inclusive culture which support people to thrive.

“The fact that this award is based on feedback from our employees makes it all the more meaningful. We have made a great start and recognise that it doesn’t stop here; there will always be more work to do in this area.”


We aim to:

  • Reduce stigma and create a positive workplace
  • Improve engagement and feedback
  • Strengthen social support within the workplace
  • Encourage safe and inclusive working environments
  • Further embed mental health into the College’s policies and  strategies