Bridgend College awarded Bronze in Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Index 2017/18

We are extremely proud to announce that Bridgend College has been awarded Bronze in Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Index 2017/18. Well done to everyone who helped make this happen.

This award means that we are achieving change within our workplace by promoting and supporting positive mental health.

We’ve taken the first step by developing initiatives which promote positive mental health for staff.

This responsibility to continue and improve wellbeing support in the workplace ensures that we are building the essential groundworks and are striving to achieve gold standard. The next steps we take will be towards improving the positive culture and overall support the College can offer its staff.

We’re committed to supporting our staff in every way but with mental health still being a stigma, we want our staff to feel that they can address mental health by talking openly with colleagues, line managers and the HR/Wellbeing departments.

Going forward…

We aim to:

  • Reduce stigma and create a positive workplace
  • Improve engagement and feedback
  • Strengthen social support within the workplace
  • Encourage safe and inclusive working environments
  • Further embed mental health into the College’s policies and  strategies