Dangerous Dave does Brickwork and Wallpapering Challenge at Bridgend College!

Bridge FM have been sending Dave Easterbrook (Dangerous Dave) to try his hand at activities and challenges with local businesses the past two weeks.

He has also received a challenge from us here at Bridgend College to attempt Brickwork and Wallpapering at our Pencoed Campus.

Daves first challenge – Dangerous Dave attempts to build a semi-circular arch using a pre-formed arch centre, and was kindly helped by one of our full time level 2 students Dan Turner. The arch is a level 2 task and something that our full time students get to attempt during the second year of their studies. Other areas of brickwork that are taught within the college focus on cavity walling for house building, setting out buildings from a drawing and erecting masonry brickwork such as the arch.

The skill involved is far more complex than it first appears (just ask Dave) and a very useful skill to have.

Dave’s­ second challenge introduced him to the art of wallpapering. Dave had to learn how to wallpaper a ceiling in one of our painting and decorating rooms. This proved to be quite the challenge for Dangerous Dave however he accomplished the task and finished the job.

If you would like more information regarding our courses in Brickwork or Painting and Decorating then please call 01656 302 600 for more information.