Transition Support

It is an exciting time to come to college as you will learn new skills and meet new people. College is a great place to experience new things. To make sure we get the support you need right, we will ask you to tell us more about yourself.

This can be done by using a one page profile and meeting with a person from the ALN department’s transition team. Here are some questions you may want to think about when planning for transition:

  • Who do I want to help me?
  • What support will help me?
  • How can I be more independent?
  • How can I tell people what I need them to know about me?
  • What would I like to be doing in the future?
  • Have I got health needs I need to think about?

Be all that you can be

We can help makes sure your transition to college is a positive experience for you by supporting you with the following:

  • Attending school annual reviews of Individual Development Plans (IDP) if you are considering applying to college
  • Supporting you with applying for a course, when attending college interviews, open events, keeping in touch days and your enrolment
  • Arranging personalised visits to college and transition activities, including during the summer holidays before you start your course
  • Answering any questions you or your parents / carers have
  • Providing travel training if required to improve your skills and confidence to travel independently to college
  • Updating your Individual Development Plan / Support Plan ready for you to start your course and reviewing your plan at least annually
  • Working with parents / carers, Careers Wales and other agencies who support you
  • Communicating with other teams across the college to ensure people know how best to support you to achieve your aspirations and outcomes
  • Meeting with you regularly, if needed, to check you are settling well into college and that you are making progress

Once we have your consent for your school and other relevant agencies to share relevant information with us (as part of your application), we will request any medical or learning support evidence that we may need to be able to provide the most appropriate support for you in college.

Download our full guide on the additional learning support available to you at the college